Create your award-winning South African spirit with our contract distilling services.

We offer recipe development full-service contract distilling, allowing you to dream up your spirit with us and spend the rest of your time getting it into the right hands, knowing production is always here when you need it.

From fermenting a custom grain bill or base spirit through to selecting perfect additions such as locally sourced botanicals and fynbos, we can help craft an award-winning white-labeled Gin, Vodka, Brandy, Agave, New Make, Whisky, Liqueur or Bitters.

Our custom 800-liter mash tun boiler with a copper kettle and multi-column plates still allows us to experiment with a large variety of base ingredients and perfect almost any spirit you can dream up.

We offer competitive industry rates for production and storage low minimum production of 100 bottles.

We love making new, exciting spirits and aim to make launching an alcohol brand in South Africa easy, fun, and affordable for any brand owner.

Get hold of us below as we would love your spirit to be our next project.



ingrainend distillery contract distilling

We offer the following services:

  • Recipe development and formulation
  • Full contract distilling services
  • Onsite duty suspended storage
  • Onsite bottling and labeling
  • Marketing support, and industry contacts
  • Use of Ingrained Distillery facilities and venue for private functions
  • If you're looking for personalized distilled products for wedding events or business functions or gifts or perhaps a house pour for your bar, guest house or restaurant, we can help you bring your vision to fruition.

    Ingrained Distillery Multi Column Still


  • 800-liter boiler/mash tun with side door and CIP
  • Copper Kettle
  • 4 Plate 8" Column (with copper bubble plates)
  • 12 Plate 8" Column (with copper bubble plates)
  • 8" Gin Basket Column
  • 8" Condensor
  • 1000 Liter Fermenting Tanks
  • 500 liter Storage Tanks
  • 4 Head Bottling Machine
  • Bottling & Label Station

  • Ingrained Distillery Contract Distilling


  • Recipe Development: Contact us for price per recipe
  • Full service offering: Contact us for price

  • Fermenting: Fee based on contract
  • Macerations: Fee based upon request
  • Vapor Infusions: Fee based upon request
  • Price per Still Run (Soma): TBA
  • Price per test run (Tiny T): TBA
  • C-Spirit: TBA
  • Grape-Spirit: TBA
  • Grain Neutral Spirit: TBA

  • Coming Soon...
  • Coming Soon...

  • Analysis: Fee based per request
  • Transfer in Bond: TBA
  • Label Approvals: TBA
  • Formula Development & Approval: TBA
  • Blending & Proofing: TBA
  • Filtering: TBA
  • Bottling: TBA
  • Additional labor: TBA

  • Bonded Barrel: TBA
  • Tank: TBA
  • Tank: TBA

  • Contact

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