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An independent and self-funded small-batch distillery specializing in contract distilling for local craft brand owners; and small-batch, uniquely South African spirit production.
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Are you looking to create the next big South African spirit brand? We can help with everything from product development through mashing and fermenting contract distilling and bottling of almost any spirit. From as little as 100 bottles, we will create a white label Gin, Vodka, Brandy, Liqueur, or Bitters range for your brand using only the best craft distilling standards, finest local and international ingredients and botanicals, and the best base spirits. Contract Distilling Packages

Become a distillery Founding member from as little as R400 and join our exclusive club for our community of discerning members that desire something more.
Not only will you help us shape the future of the South African spirit market, but you will also enjoy many of our Founders' rewards such as 15% off our online store and invites to private events with other brand owners. Found out more.

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Our Spirits

Our Spirits

Our spirits are made in small batches of under 200 bottles at a time, allowing our master distiller the time and patience to achieve the uncompromising liquid we put into each bottle produced and labeled under our brand. We value a true craft philosophy from selecting the finest local and sustainable ingredients through mashing and fermenting, distilling aging and bottling, resulting in premium craft spirits that we meticulously monitor during each step in the production process.


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